CommunicAsia 2013

CommunicAsia 2013


June 18, 2013
June 21, 2013
Duration: 3 Days, 5 Hours, 30 Minutes

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Marina Bay Sands
CommScope Hospitality Suite, Begonia 3010, Level 3 10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore, 018956


Topic: Enabling Technology for Maximum LTE Impact: Sector Sculpting Techniques to Reduce Interference and Increase Capacity – MIMO Deployment at the Base Station

Date & Time: 19 June 2013, 15:20

Speaker: Philip Sorrells, Vice President, Strategic Marketing Wireless, CommScope

Quality of service (QoS) which directly impacts the quality of experience (QoE) dramatically affects the capacity of your LTE investment. LTE systems must achieve and maintain high levels of interference management to achieve the promised data through put capacity ranges. In this presentation, antennae technology at the base station will be discussed with respect to maximising capacity and reducing interference.


  • Understanding how selecting the right antenna coverage patterns can impact capacity efficiency and LTE throughput
  • The impact and limitation of network optimisation
  • Introducing new sector sculpting technologies for advanced systems, and the best, near term investment for capacity solutions in the most critical applications
  • Practical considerations for implementation of MIMO at the base station


Topic: Emerging Technologies in Backhaul Spectrum Conservation

Date & Time: 20 June 2013, 14:10

Speaker: Philip Sorrells, Vice President, Strategic Marketing Wireless, CommScope

As data traffic increases and spectrum becomes more congested, interlink interference becomes a more important consideration. Facing these new realities, operators are struggling for solutions that won’t break their budgets. At the same time, mobile data demand continues to skyrocket despite the economic recession, resulting in a need for additional capacity to improve the user experience. Further to that, industry analysts are expecting wireless backhaul solutions to make up for 58% of the total small cell backhaul links. In summary, both the development speed and breadth of adoption of new technologies are critical components to any solution in the face of increasing challenges of coverage, capacity and cost – the three legs of C3 solutions This session will explore economically conserving spectrum by utilising new tighter antennae radiation patterns based on emerging technologies.




Make a date to meet one-on-one with CommScope experts in the privacy and comfort of the CommScope hospitality suite  to discuss the latest solutions to key wireless industry challenges like:

  • Modernising networks with new technology to improve customer satisfaction
  • Achieving higher link density to support increased traffic without breaking the bank
  • Adding network capacity to existing sites when adding new cell sites is not an option
  • Optimise efficiency of your backhaul network by overcoming spectrum congestion and interlink interferences
  • Deploy technology upgrades to your networks while keeping a rein on costs and schedules


Take a break from the crowd on the  exhibition floor and get the answers you need at their information-rich resource center or just network with your peers at their suite – Level 3, Begonia  3010A/B.

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